Kettle: The designers concept

kettles 5Water is more important component than food for sustaining our life. Experts say that we should drink at least twelve glasses of water a day for proper functioning of all organs. But we can’t say that the water we drink is completely pure, as it contains many impurities and also some hazardous micro-organisms that can make us ill.

Boiling is the easiest way to make the water safe for drinking. That is the reason why we use kettles.

A kettle is an appliance used to boil water. It is a common home appliance. There are different kinds of kettles ranging from the normal old type to the ultramodern designs that having sensors. Old kettles are the simplest of all types which we place over the stove or other source of heat to get the water boiled. The newest or modern kettles are marvellous in their action, as they not only boil the water, but also they are smart enough to maintain the heat of the water at a specific temperature, with the help of their elegant sensors. So we don’t need to waste our time to heat the water again for drinking.

kettles 6The kettle must be attractive in its performance as well as appearance.They are not only the part of kitchen; they are also inevitable for the other part of house like the living room, bedroom, dining room as well as the guest room. Building material of the kettles ranges from stainless steel to ceramic objects.Unlike the ordinary pieces the kettles with high gauge ceramic coating can prevent heat loss to a large extend. These types can also be painted with permanent colours to make it more striking and matching with the backgrounds or interiors where it is kept.

The traditional kettles or the jug type kettles usually come with a large handle on one side is less attractive, which force us to use it as a kitchen utensil. The kettles made of plastic are cheap but it is considerable for its designs. It can be moulded to many fancy shapes and are available in a wide variety of colours. These fancy kettles are more suitable for child bedrooms and guestrooms. The kettlesused in dining room must be bigger in size to contain more quantity of water to serve many members. Cordless kettles are appropriate in dining table as it does not cause any nuisance for the dinner like the corded ones.

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